Upcoming Kelston events

Upcoming events:

  • BOOK NOW 6 May Modulus iii recording live, with support from Athnea. Modulus iii is a sizzling synths, Rhodes and drums spontaneous composition trio: tickets here
  • 20 May The Gas Giants live, with excellent support, live at the Old Barn. The Gas Giants is a project of Will Gregory (Goldfrapp); this will be their first recording since 1990: tickets here
  • More Old Barn dates to follow.

Later in the year (Aug Bank Holiday Monday 28) at the Kelston Village Fete we’re putting on a musical celebration of the legacy of H.I.M Haile Selassie. H.I.M lived at 2 Kelston Road for six years, and left Fairfield House to the Corporation of Bath. See Jon Hamp’s new poem H.I.M in Kelston here

The legacy of H.I.M means Kelston can today celebrate a special link to Ethiopia and Rastafari. 

Author: williamheath


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