Fairfield resident artist Karen Wallis draws the Last Poets

Drawings by Karen Wallis. Photo by Paul Clarke Event Photography.

Kelston Records organised and recorded a memorable evening with The Last Poets at Fairfield, the House of HIM Haile Selassie I Friday 25 May. Abiodun Oyewole and Umar Bin Hassan, together with percussionist Baba Donn Babatunde spoke of the history of the group, performed tracks from their new album Understand what Black is and took questions.

Recordings available soon. Proceeds go to the project to put Fairfield House in charitable ownership under a communit asset transfer from B&NES council. Thanks to the dozens of volunteers who helped with equipment, recording, food, parking, logistics, ticketing and everything, to Tony Thorpe for the idea and above all to the Poets themselves.

With RMT: Sloth Racket, and Run Logan Run Sunday 27 May

RMT Music and Kelston Records present London’s finest improv-jazz quintet Sloth Racket and Bristol’s upcoming post-jazz duo Run Logan Run at The Old Barn, Kelston Roundhill near Bath. Fresh local beer and cider, soup and cheese from the farm will be served.

Fat Paul Presents will be spinning the finest jazz, avant guard and out from 6pm… relaxed early evening, drinks outside, heading into the barn for the first band at 8.30pm.

We’re not putting on so many shows this year… but when we do, they’ll be special, like this one-off summer special at a truly unique venue – not to be missed! Tickets www.skiddle.com/e/13204291

Sloth Racket (pictured) and Run Logan Run will be playing; Fat Paul will be doing the jazz DJ set.

Contact William at the Three Cane Whale film evening if you want to catch The Last Poets at Fairfield

Something special for those joining us for the Three Cane Whale film evening Friday 11 May.

Kelston Records is helping Fairfield House put on a by-invitation-only Audience with The Last Poets on 25 May. The few tickets available will be long gone well before that. Contact William up at the Old Barn on Friday night to reserve yours.

One of the formative early influences on hip-hop music, The Last Poets are coming to the House of H.I.M Haile Selassie I in Bath 25 May

See Rolling Stone review of the new album the Last Poets launch on 19 May on indie British lable Studio Rockers.



Three Cane Whale film and music night 11 May

Friday 11 May it’s film night up at the Old Barn, Kelston Roundhill. We’re screening twelve short films made by thirteen filmmakers to illuminate Three Cane Whale’s live performance of twelve of their tunes.

You’ll be able to float over Lofoten, waltz through the wildwood and follow the further adventures of a strangely familiar trio of musicians reimagined as shadow puppets.

Doors open 1900 with the supporting performance by Red Deer Sleeping at 2000. Parking, local food and a cash bar all on site. Tickets here.

Extra video goodies in Kelston Records’ 2017 Yuletide log

As well as eight full “Live at the Old Barn” albums – starting with the critically acclaimed Three Cane Whale – the Kelston Records Yuletide log has extra visual goodies. This includes sonic art by award-winning Kathy Hinde working with Eyebrow, and film showing the full intensity of Modulus III in live improvisation.

Email us to reserve your Kelston 2017 Yuletide log. – kelstonrecords@gmail.com.

Mesmerising video of Modulus III’s improvisation Optavuists and Televists.

British Composer sonic artist award for Kathy Hinde

We’re delighted by the news that Kathy Hinde has today won a British Composer award for her visual art. We had the great pleasure of having Kathy perform live at the Old Barn (with Eyebrow and Kolophon, 9 Oct 2017).

Eyebrow playing live at the Old Barn on 9 October 2017 with projections by Kathy Hinde who won a major award today.

Her work Luminous Bird was described by the British Compooser Awards judges as

an outstanding example of what Sonic Art has to offer today.

“It’s the inaugural release for a new label – and it’s a fantastic one”

Hear the full ecstatic review for Three Cane Whale live at the Old Barn on BBC Radio 3’s Andrew McGregor show with Verity Sharp, including  three tracks.

This first Kelston Records release is now joined by seven more equally remarkable subsequent “live at the Old Barn” recordings now available for the first time. You can get the whole package, with extra video and photo goodies, in the Kelston Records 2017 Yuletide Log (limited edition of 24). Be the first to own them; email us to reserve yours.


Kelston Records 2017 Yuletide Log: very limited edition; £72

Kelston Records’ 2017 Yuletide log comes with eight high-quality recordings made live at the Old Barn. These are stored on an 8GB wooden USB stick, compatible with PC or Mac, transferable into iTunes or any other digital music service or device.

You can purchase the 2017 Yuletide log for £72. Or you can set up a standing order of £6/month for one year which gives you the log, plus Kelston Records membership with additional downloads throughout 2018 and as long as the standing order lasts.

The artists with full-length albums featured on the 2017 Yuletide log are:

The Defective Comet
The Jellilalas
Three Cane Whale
Modulus III
The Nightjar
Spindle Ensemble
and a bonus track by Brixton legends the Moody Boyz: Three Cane Whale’s Brute Angels (mushroom honey remix). It includes extra materials and visuals, including live work by Kathy Hinde.

Buying the log gives you priority booking and offers throughout 2018. If you pay by standing order you also get access to free downloads of any further recordings released in future for as long as the standing order is active (minimum 12 months).

The 2017 Yuletide log comes in the form of a combustible and biodegradable seasoned Kelston beech log. You can keep it, chuck it on the fire or on the compost heap. You can reuse the memory stick for storing documents, films or movies.

It’s an easy and effective way directly to support both the exemplary original local artists whose work is recorded, and also the collective project of location-based music based up at the Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill.

We have hand made just 24, with some sold already.

To reserve or order your Yuletide Log email kelstonrecords@gmail.com. Local collection or delivery may be possible. They will also be on sale at the special DUSK gig on 21 Dec 2017 (tickets available here).